We have a Support Group Programme, which is run each time we have enough demand and funding, all of the information about which is below.

We also have a Community Group, which is monthly on Zoom, facilitated by our counsellor Sophie. This is the 3rd Tuesday of the month throughout 2021. Please register to attend.

Our support group specifically addresses the most commonly reported struggles of our client group; isolation, emotional wellbeing, stress, coping mechanisms, grief, anger and relationships over a 6 week focused program. The sessions are facilitated by counsellors to ensure the emotional needs of all groups members can be fully supported at all times.

Isolation; has of course been exacerbated by covid 19 and lockdown restrictions, however prior to this unprecedented event it was still our clients number one concern. Predominantly, this was a feeling of emotional isolation in feeling differentiated from and misunderstood by their friends and family. The support group tackles the feeling of isolation by enabling participants to be part of a group with shared experience, where they feel accepted and understood. One of the most rewarding parts of running previous groups is watching group members form friendships and strengthen their personal support networks beyond services which Muma Nurture is able to provide.

Emotional Wellbeing; there is a common misconception that in order to have positive emotional wellbeing, emotions must be positive at all times. This is unrealistic and probably impossible and this session addresses thoughts around this as well as looking at emotions, if and how they are being acknowledged and expressed and how well that is working.

Stress; is a phrase we all hear all the time, but do we know what it actually is? This session looks at the biological stress response, what it is and the impact on your body, behaviour and capabilities. Alongside personal stress levels and potential techniques to reduce or better manage stress.

Coping Mechanisms; we all have them and often in retrospect are left feeling like we could or ‘should’ have dealt with something differently or better. This session gives the opportunity to better understand yourself and your coping mechanisms, how they are formed and why we react the way that we do.

Grief; it is our belief that every client we work with is dealing with grief (or not) and it is really important to understand this for what it is. This session looks at some popular grief theories and asks participants to look at their own experiences of grief.

Anger; is a fundamental part of the grief process and also a normal and necessary reaction to some experiences. Yet often in amongst all of the emotional turmoil, anger is notably absent, or maybe the only recognisable emotion. This session looks at anger, what it is, how it presents, personal beliefs and potential techniques to acknowledge, process and release anger positively and effectively.

Relationships; often making babies or trying to is something done within a relationship and unexpected struggles can be managed very differently by partners causing difficulties. Additionally, there are the issues with perceived isolation mentioned above that can mean people are struggling in many of their relationships. This session looks at key relationships and explores possible resolutions.

Alongside each support group there are a limited number of counselling sessions available. From running the group previously, we have found that for some clients the group itself is enough, and for others it identifies a need for additional 1:1 support and therefore it is important to have this available.

Once the support group program is complete, participants can should they wish join our monthly community group. This is available only to those that have completed the program and therefore have the foundational knowledge and self-awareness that it elicits. This group was established following feedback from previous attendees that they would like some form of interim support that provided a safe space to express, but on a less frequent, less structured basis. This group is also facilitated by 2 experienced counsellors for the reasons outlined above, but is essentially participant led. It is less formal and more sociable with the purpose being primarily for group members to come together in a safe space, socialise and share if they choose.

Spaces are limited for each support group to ensure each clients need is met.

Due to current restrictions, groups are bring run online through Zoom. There is an option to dial in via telephone if a client is not able to download or use the app. If neither of these options are available for someone who wishes to attend the group, they can contact us and potentially we may be able to help with that.

The next group is due to start on 5th of November and run on Thursday evenings for 6 weeks.

Group members can be referred from other services (by filling in our referral form), or can contact us directly to register.

To register directly please complete one of our client intake forms and send back indicating that you want to be included in the support group