Reflexology for Fertility

Reflexology is based on the concept that there are reflex points on the feet (or hands) that can be mapped to every organ, gland and structure of the body. The treatment is a non-invasive touch therapy that involves massage and placing pressure on these specific points of the feet in order to treat the whole body.

Reflexologists take a holistic approach to each client, the aim is to treat the person as a whole, rather than focusing on a specific issue, and it is no different for a fertility client.  There are multiple factors that can affect fertility and your reflexologist will work with you to help you get your body (and ideally also your partners body) in its optimal condition for conception and pregnancy. For a fertility client, a reflexologist would start with an extensive health and lifestyle questionnaire. This may be longer than a usual consultation as they would need a full picture of how you are physically and emotionally, but also where you are in the fertility process and details of any tests or treatments you have had to date. If your therapist suspects from this consultation that any physical issue may be present they would always recommend you see a GP. If your reflexologist is specifically trained in fertility, they would also have the knowledge to offer lifestyle advice which would help to balance hormones in both men and women and also optimise egg and sperm quality. They will also be able to offer practical advice to help you understand your menstrual cycle and the conception process. Specific benefits of the reflexology treatment: - Your fertility trained reflexologist would assess and work the reproductive and endocrine systems, feeling for any imbalances or congestion and working to bring them back into balance. - How many times do you hear 'just relax and try not to think about it' and then you blame yourself for not relaxing!  It can be so frustrating and it's not a switch you can flick.  But the general level of stress that you may be experiencing will have a negative impact on your body, this may be due to fertility issues, it may be due to general life, or most likely a combination of the two. Stress is a required response to danger, it increases adrenaline to make sure you overcome that danger.  If you're living with a constant increased stress response, this will change your endocrine balance and also your body will feel as though this is not a safe time for you to conceive. Reflexology is not only a relaxing treatment, but it also helps your body to re-balance hormones and reduce the impact the stress hormones are having on your body.

  - Sleep is another major factor in keeping your hormones in balance and reflexology is known to aid better quality sleep.  

- There are a number of other factors that people don't always consider when looking at fertility. Improving your digestive system can have a big impact on your overall health and therefore your reproductive health. Your digestive system is part of the bodies excretory system and aids detoxification. It makes sense that by reducing the toxins in your body you are increasing the chance of a healthy hormone balance and the right conditions for conception and pregnancy to be present.  

- Reflexology is an overall nurturing and supportive treatment, reduces tension in the body and increases general mood and well-being. Any time you can give yourself to relax is always a good thing!

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