Pregnancy and Relationships

Pregnancy is a very different experience for everyone. Even a seemingly straight forward one can bring about a number of challenges, both physical and emotional.

During the first trimester, many women suffer from sickness and a tiredness worse than ever before. Hormonal changes often mean a fluctuation in emotions and you may feel anxious about this new phase in your life. Is the baby OK? What will labour and then, life with a new-born, be like? How are your finances and family dynamics going to change?

All of this can at times feel overwhelming and may also have an impact on your relationship.

The struggles during pregnancy are very common and if you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, perhaps even depressed, why not talk to someone completely unrelated?

For any medical problems, never hesitate to contact your healthcare provider throughout your pregnancy. Please also bear in mind however, that at Muma Nurture, we have qualified, experienced therapists in the Counselling, Hypnotherapy and Reflexology fields, all of which may be most helpful for you throughout your pregnancy.

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