Fertility and Lockdown - the struggle is real

One day into Lockdown 2.0, there are many of us struggling with the state of the world. For those of us who are also struggling with fertility issues - Infertility is when a couple cannot get pregnant despite having regular unprotected sex - things may feel very bleak.

On the NHS website, I am told that around 1 in 7 couples may have difficulty conceiving and that about 84% of couples will conceive naturally within a year if they have regular unprotected sex (every 2 or 3 days).

Some people get pregnant quickly, but for others it can take longer. It's a good idea to see a GP if you have not conceived after a year of trying, but if you are 36 or over - and maybe already know that you may have fertility problems, we'd recommend you see them sooner.

If you are reading this, chances are, you already know you are struggling with infertility and may even be aware that you're suffering with either Primary Infertility – where someone who's never conceived a child in the past has difficulty conceiving - or Secondary Infertility – where someone has had 1 or more pregnancies in the past, but is having difficulty conceiving again. Whether or not you have undergone fertility treatment like

medical treatment for irregular ovulation, surgical procedures like treatment for endometriosis, repair of the fallopian tubes, or removal of scarring (adhesions) within the womb or abdominal cavity or assisted conception such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) and IVF... we here at Muma Nurture understand what you are going through.

Beacuse of Covid-19, all UK fertility clinics were forced to temporary close in April this year and as from May, they had to apply to The HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority) to re-start treatments, making sure they provided a safe service for patients, and a safe working environment for staff. This second National Lockdown, however, it looks as if that some of the clinics are staying open. The bottom line is, these are very uncertain times and we are many who are struggling mentally.

At Muma Nurture, we are keeping up to date with the latest advice in this ever-changing situation and, although we can't (wo-)man our office, we are still offering our services online. We have a team of qualified experienced therapists supporting you through counselling, holistic therapies and support groups.

If you would like to explore your feelings around your struggles with infertility, please contact Muma Nurture and we’ll arrange for you to talk to one of our qualified counsellors - by phone or video chat.

Whatever your struggle, whatever the outcome, we don't promise to fix anything for you, but we do promise to understand and support you through it.

Call: 07460 775 495 or
Email: contact@mumanurture.org

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