Weight and fertility

An unhealthy weight can cause hormonal imbalance in women, which can lead to problems with ovulation and the likelihood of falling pregnant, whether she is under or overweight.

Being overweight can also reduce a mans fertility through hormone problems, erectile dysfunction and other obesity related health conditions.

Being a healthy weight and maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime can drastically improve health and well being both physically and emotionally and therefore increase the likelihood of getting and staying pregnant.

Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have and this cannot be changed or improved by lifestyle changes. Men however, are lucky enough to keep generating sperm throughout their lifetime. As sperm has a 12 week life cycle from production to ejaculation, this means lifestyle improvements could potentially increase sperm quality in just 3 months, and contrary to popular belief sperm health is just as important as female health in terms of achieving and continuing a healthy pregnancy.

If you would like further information on lifestyle changes you could be making, reasons for these and how the therapies we offer could assist you in achieving these changes positively and successfully, please get in touch.

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