Weight and fertility

November 25, 2019


I think many of us are unaware of the linkage between weight and fertility, and how it's actually very important to be of a healthy weight when trying to conceive, weight is one of the many factors that can impact on the chance of getting pregnant.


When doing my research in to this I found that actually when a woman is of an unhealthy weight it can cause a hormonal imbalance which leads to problems with the way she ovulates and thus the likelihood of her falling pregnant. However women are not the only ones that being overweight can impact when it comes to fertility, because it can also reduce a mans fertility due to factors such as hormone problems, problems with erection and other health conditions that could link to being obese.


Although losing weight can be quite a hard thing for some people this is a factor that can affect fertility that can be overcome and changed. 


We as a charity offer counselling, hypnotherapy and reflexology sessions to help you through the process of pregnancy; 


For more information or to book an Initial Consultation contact Muma Nurture:


Email: contact@mumanurture.org

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