How to help and participate in our charity

There are many ways to help us out as a charity whether that be through;

Our Just Giving Page- A n online platform that allows you to donate money to any given charity or cause of your choice, our charity being one of them. The importance of Muma Nurture stems from the little knowledge and help out there for those going through difficulties; whether that be to do with infertility, pregnancy or related loss, our charity offers counselling, holistic therapies, support groups and drop in services for this;

The Eastbourne Lottery; The Eastbourne Local Lottery is on every Saturday and for every £1 ticket that you purchase our charity gets 50p, each ticket has a 1 in 50 chance of winning a prize every week, with the top prize being £25,000, it is a fun way of helping out local charities such as ourselves;

Amazon Smile; when you make any purchases on amazon they give us 0.5% to our charity which means in the grander scheme of things this could equate to a lot of money, money which could go towards a new computer or some paper for the printers, or even towards our new clinic, so if you would like to help us as a charity out but you do not know how to why not use amazon smile the next time you want to purchase something on amazon.

Through a Charity event such as The Empty Pram Push; This is an online challenge we are organizing where we ask you to do a 5.5km walk whether that be in one circuit or several, we ask you to wear orange and push an empty pram to bring awareness to the fact that some of our clients do not have the baby they want so much and for others motherhood is emptier than expected to find out more information on this event visit;

We understand how it is a very uncertain time for everyone and it can be physically, emotionally and financially draining, and we thank you for your continued help and hope you are all taking care.

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