Suffering in isolation; postnatal depression in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic

On the NHS website, we find out that 1 in 10 women experience Postnatal Depression - PND - within a year of giving birth and that it can also affect fathers and partners.

Suffering from Postnatal depression (PND) is often a very lonely experience - even without the government-imposed isolation that we are in the midst of at the moment - and seeing friends and family may be what you need right now - so not being allowed to do so may feel very difficult. This is a strange and frightening time to be isolated at the same time as suffering from depression, but we want you to know that you are not alone.

We here at Muma Nurture understand and we want to help!

At the moment when we are constantly hearing and reading about distressing news, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by it all - worrying about the overall situation, or specifically about yourself and friends and family.

We have four basic feelings - happiness, sadness, anger and fear - each and every one as important and 'normal' as the next. Bottling feelings up and brushing them under the carpet (by for instance telling ourselves we need to Get a grip! or Move on!) is not helpful or healthy and will not miraculously make the sadness disappear.

Talking to friends and family via the various platforms readily available for most of us (like Facetime, Houseparty and Zoom, to name a few) helps with feeling connected to the world, without actually seeing anyone. I find ringing someone who is on their own - no matter what my own situation may be - rewarding.

If talking to someone you know, however, may feel too much at the moment - sometimes we don't want to "put upon" our near and dear no matter how supportive or caring they may be - why not talk to one of our counsellors? Talking to someone who is neither related nor a friend - like a counsellor -has proven helpful for so many people in the world. The counsellor facilitates a safe space for you, the client, to talk about whatever you need/want, without passing judgment.

At Muma Nurture, we are keeping up to date with the latest advice in this ever-changing situation and, although we can't physically (wo-)man our office, we are still offering our services online.

If you would like to explore your feelings around losing your baby, please contact Muma Nurture and we’ll arrange for you to talk to one of our qualified counsellors - by phone or video chat.

We are here to help!

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