Amazon Smile

I find myself shopping online a lot, there's something about the simplicity of purchasing anything your heart desires at the click of a button that really works for me especially now that going out isn't an option, with all that is going on at the moment I find treating myself now and again to some new gadgets to be really helpful, something to look forward to i guess, and what better website to do that on than Amazon? Especially since i can be giving back at the same time.

Amazon Smile is very easy to join, and when you make any purchases on amazon they give us 0.5% to our charity which means in the grander scheme of things this could equate to a lot of money, money which could go towards a new computer or some paper for the printers, or even towards our new clinic, so if you would like to help us as a charity out but you do not know how to why not use amazon smile the next time you want to purchase something on amazon.

We understand how it is a very uncertain time for everyone and it can be physically, emotionally and financially draining, but if you find yourself purchasing things on Amazon then

doing that through amazon smile is a very good way to help us out as a charity.

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