PND in the time of COVID-19 and isolation

Having spent the last five weeks in lockdown - with those among us who are well only going out for the essentials, like food or health care - many of us are feeling very lonely and confused at the moment. The added worry about the main culprit in all of this, COVID-19 - catching the Corona virus ourselves or for one of our dear ones to catch it - is understandably also a great anxiety trigger for so many people.

The ideal first year as a parent isn't always all that it's made out to be - or how we'd expect and like it to be. Having a baby can bring euphoria to our life, but for some people it's quite the opposite, leading to depression. Most new mums experience feelings of sadness and worry a few days after giving birth, but for some of us, that develops into Postnatal Depression, PND. According to the NHS website, 1 in 10 women experience PND within a year of giving birth - but it can also affect fathers and partners.

With all that is currently going on in the world, we understand that, if you on top of everything else, are suffering from PND, things may be feeling very difficult for you. You may be struggling to cope and we at Muma Nurture want you to know that we are here for you.

Not everyone will need or want professional help, but find the support of family, friends or talking to other parents who also have suffered from PND, to be enough.

If you are feeling depressed, you may feel you need your friends and family more than ever and now, when we are not to see any other people - even friends and family - we understand that things may be very difficult.

Many people who have suffered - or are suffering - from depression, see great benefits of having counselling, saying it's easier to delve deeper into those often unexplored feelings with someone who isn't a friend or related, but a professional. A counsellor will have empathy for you and listen to what you want to talk about without judging.They can help you explore your feelings, acknowledge and accept them.They can also support you in finding your own ways of coping with your situation.

Even if you never considered counselling before, why not give it a try? At Muma Nurture we are keeping up to date with the latest advice in this rapidly changing situation and, although we can't (wo)man our office, we are still offering our services online.

Please don't hesitate to contact us here at Muma Nurture and we’ll arrange for you to talk to one of our qualified counsellors - by phone or video chat.

We are here to help!

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