COVID-19 and Fertility update

The UK has been on lockdown for 5 weeks now, and there's no sign of it ending anytime soon.

Either you have more time and space than you have probably ever experienced, or you're a key worker and probably busier than you've ever been.

Both scenarios can have a significant impact on mental health and emotional wellbeing. There is the worry about the impact of the virus on health, cancellation of fertility treatments, being isolated from your friends and family and usual support network, the total change from normal experience.

Aside from the recommendation for all clinics to reduce treatments due to infection risk, there has been no reported risk or link between COVID-19 and fertility.

As the pandemic takes it toll around the world, perhaps all you can do while you're safe at home is make choices that make it as easy as possible for you during this time, and potentially improve your health and emotional wellbeing and maybe therefore your fertility.

  • Good sleep helps to balance hormones and reduces stress levels.

  • Being well hydrated is key for overall health and aiding good digestion as well as optimising cervical mucus quality.

  • Regular exercise increases health and reduces stress and exercise in nature has added benefits for your mental health.

  • Maximise nutrient intake through eating good healthy foods, now you have more time to cook from scratch, meal plan and shop accordingly.

  • Make your online world a positive one.

  • Do things you love and enjoy; read, paint, draw, write, play music, dance, TV, something new

  • Invest some time and energy in your relationship; it was here before you decided to have a baby

  • Nurture the right relationships. If it doesn't work for you now is the ideal time to take some space.

  • Stay safe and follow government guidelines.

For those of you who's fertility treatment is cancelled, perhaps indefinitely, allow yourself to be angry and to grieve and don't be afraid to ask for professional support.

Support is available

At Muma Nurture we are offering services online throughout the current crisis, which means that our counselling services are still available. Please get in touch if you are struggling with any of these issues.

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