Eastbourne Lottery and Covid-19

The Eastbourne Local Lottery is on every Saturday and for every £1 ticket that you purchase our charity gets 50p, each ticket has a 1 in 50 chance of winning a prize every week, with the top prize being £25,000, it is a fun way of helping out local charities such as ourselves, given current circumstances having fun and doing things that could take your mind off it is important, so why not do so whilst supporting a great cause like Muma Nurtures.

To get your ticket why not head over to Eastbourne Lottery's website; https://www.eastbournelocallottery.co.uk/support/muma-nurture

This pandemic has bought upon a very difficult time for many people, mentally, physically, and financially. So if you feel you are in need of help, support or advice contact Muma Nurture where we can arrange for you to have a talk with one of our qualified counselors either by phone or video chat.

Thank you for your ongoing help and support we do appreciate it greatly.

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