How to support us through doing the empty pram push

Our aim when doing the empty pram push sponsored walk is to raise as much awareness of the importance of our service and what we do and also the need for our service, each participant in the walk needs to bring their own pram, the empty pram will symbolize the fact that so many people we work with do not have their babies (yet) they planned to, and people need to be more aware of this and considerate of the matter. There is a £10 sign up/ entrance fee which will include a T shirt and registration pack.

The goal is to raise £200 via sponsorship, there are 20 places available so if it something may interest you make sure to secure place via;

Your participation in events like the empty pram push just allow us to achieve even more of our goals as a charity, of expanding and being able to offer as many people our service as we possibly can,because it is so important that people are made aware that they are not alone in their struggles, and through your continued help we are able to achieve that.

To find out other ways to support us visit our Facebook website;

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