Complementary Therapies after Baby Loss

For anyone that suffers the devastating loss of a baby, you will go through so many emotions and will be desperately searching for answers and reasons. This is an understandable and very normal reaction. People may feel angry at the injustice, be looking for someone or something to blame, they will feel sad, sometimes numb and empty or in denial. These are all reactions of grief and the unfortunate process that you have been left to face. There is no time frame or template for how to deal with your loss, and it can feel impossible watching life continue as normal around you, when for you nothing is as it should be.

There is no right or wrong way to cope with your life after losing a baby. Some people may prefer to try and stay as busy as possible and get on with their life, some will want to hide away from the world, most people will experience a roller coaster between the two. Some people will want to talk about it, some people will find it too hard to speak about it. Some couples will deal with it in the same way, often couples deal with it in entirely different ways and it can lead to relationship difficulties and further loneliness.

Suffering the loss of a baby, is not something you will or should get over, it is something that you will live with and eventually you will be ready to focus on how you live. People will turn to different methods to help them get through the days, weeks and months. Some will use the support network of friends and family, some will seek out support in the form of counselling and some may look into complementary therapies to help support them through this difficult time.

Complementary therapies are commonly used to manage emotional issues. For those that have suffered baby loss, it may be of extra comfort to have a regular safe space with your therapist that is just for you to speak as freely as you need to, or it may be that you just want that space to escape from the world. These therapies can be used in isolation or alongside traditional medication and talking therapies. You have the option to choose which method or combination of treatments works best for you. There are a wide variety of complementary therapies available and there may be ones that you are drawn to more than others, again it is about finding what works for you. At Muma Nurture we offer hypnotherapy, reflexology and massage as well as counselling.

Hypnotherapy uses a naturally occurring, altered state of consciousness, where the client is in a state of heightened inner focus and concentration, to help gain control over unwanted behaviours or to cope better with their emotions. When you have suffered the loss of a baby, difficult emotions are completely normal and should not be ignored, but hypnotherapy may be helpful if you have found you are using coping strategies that may be bad for your physical and mental health such as drinking, smoking or poor eating. It could also be beneficial if you are having difficulty sleeping.

Reflexology can help to support clients with emotional problems in a number of ways. The power of touch during a reflexology treatment can lead to the release of oxytocin which lowers stress hormones, reduces blood pressure and induces the ability to sleep. The specific pressure techniques of a reflexology treatment can focus on bringing the body back into balance, whether this be fluctuating hormones, tension held in certain areas of your body or digestive issues. If your body is able to relax and come into a natural balance then it helps it work at a more optimum level, improving the flow of energy and bringing all of the bodies systems into balance, and this in turn gives the body and mind a better ability to heal itself.

If you feel as though you are not coping, and your self help or complementary therapies are not improving your well-being, then it is important that you seek further help from your GP or a professional counsellor.

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