Self-esteem and postnatal depression

Having a baby isn't always all it is cut out to be. For some of us, the life-changing experience, the responsibility for another person, the sleep deprivation, the struggle to get back to our normal weight, to name a few common issues, all get on top of us and we feel overwhelmed.

Most new moms experience the "baby blues" - mood swings, crying and anxiety - after having a baby, perhaps lasting for a couple of weeks. Others however, experience a more severe, long-lasting form of depression, known as Postnatal Depression, or PND.

According to the NHS website, 1 in 10 women experience PND within a year of giving birth and it can also affect fathers and partners.

Seeing all the seemingly perfect, happy new mums around us with their seemingly perfect, happy babies, can put a lot of pressure on us. If we don’t feel the euphoria others seem to feel around the new baby - for instance, if ours isn’t sleeping well, cries a lot, or if we can’t get along with breast-feeding – we may feel inadequate, not good enough, as mothers, women, wives, partners...It isn’t hard to understand how feeling like a failure could bring on low self-esteem.

If you are struggling with low self-esteem and/or Postnatal Depression - negative thinking, lack of self-confidence, sadness, a feeling of awkwardness, you're neglecting your own needs - and would like to talk about it, Muma Nurture is here for you.

We have experienced and qualified therapists who know what you are going through; give us a call or drop us a line now!

The counsellor’s room is a space where you can be yourself and talk about anything on your mind, without worrying about feeling guilty of ‘burdening’ anyone. The counsellor is there just for you, to offer an empathic and genuine listening ear, without judgment.

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