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As what feels like the longest month of the year has come to an end and we are finally in February, how are you feeling? How did your New Year’s resolution(-s) go?

Did you steer clear of drinking alcohol or eating sugar? Did you go for that walk you set yourself out to do, every day? Did you join that gym you said you would, to lower your cholesterol?

Whatever your resolution was, if you feel disappointed for not achieving your January goal(-s), why not sign up for some volunteering?

On their website, The Mental Health Foundation lists just some of the benefits of volunteering: It provides structure and routine; It can help people feel good about themselves; It can improve feelings of self-esteem; It provides opportunities to make friends and take part in social activities; It can provide learning opportunities which can protect mental health

At Muma Nurture, we support those affected by fertility, pregnancy and related loss across Sussex. We need volunteers for our ever expanding charity and are always looking for enthusiastic people, wanting to make a real difference. Perhaps you'd like to (wo/)man the office, answering the phone and emails? Perhaps you'd like to help at our fundraising events, like bag-packing in major supermarkets? Perhaps you'd like to hand out flyers advertising our services around town? Perhaps you'd like to help with our website and/or writing for our blog? We're grateful for any time you can spare, so if our amazing charity sounds interesting to you - and, let's be honest, how could it not? - please get in touch!

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