Alcohol and fertility

Alcohol intake, whether it’s light, moderate or heavy, can negatively affect the sexual health of both men and women, leading to a loss of fertility and libido. Drinking alcohol can increase the time it takes to get pregnant, and if you are pregnant it can affect the developing baby’s health.

The effects of drinking alcohol for a man can be:

  • Lower levels of testosterone

  • Impotence

  • Lower sperm production

  • Reduced sperm quality by altering size, shape and movement

  • Liver disease from excess drinking can lead to fertility problems

The effects of drinking alcohol for a woman can be:

  • Lower chances of getting pregnant

  • Interrupted menstrual cycle and ovulation

  • Changes to ovarian function

  • Reduced chances of having a healthy baby

The good news is that for men the damaging effects of drinking alcohol on sperm health can be reversed – with healthy sperm being produced 3 months after stopping alcohol consumption. And for women stopping drinking alcohol while trying to conceive, and during pregnancy, improves the chances of having a healthy baby.

If you want to change your lifestyle and cut out or cut down your alcohol intake to improve your chances of becoming pregnant and having a healthy baby, Muma Nurture can offer you hypnotherapy to help you achieve this.

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