Supporting Pregnancy with Reflexology

Pregnancy is a very different experience for everyone. And often not what you may have expected before you got pregnant. Even a seemingly straight forward pregnancy can come with a number of challenges, both physically and emotionally.

At Muma Nurture we have a variety of services that can support you through problems in your pregnancy. Our reflexologist has taken further study in maternity reflexology and explains how it can support you through some of the more common issues experienced during pregnancy.

  • Nausea and sickness - This is one of the most common symptoms, especially in the first trimester and unfortunately it is a tough one to beat. There are many suggestions, trying to eat little and often to avoid hunger, eating plain foods, avoiding cooked foods because the smell can increase nausea. Eating ginger, staying well rested, wearing acupressure bands. Sometimes these work, sometimes they don't. Reflexology is a balancing treatment and it can balance hormones and calm your system to reduce sickness. Sickness is often made worse by anxiety and stress, so relaxing reflexology could support this. It is definitely worth trying reflexology, but unfortunately for some people the sickness is difficult to treat and it is just your body doing what it needs to do.

  • Constipation - Due to increased progesterone levels, often a change in diet, decreasing space for the digestive system, constipation is a very common complaint in pregnancy. People often don't realise this is normal and it’s not something they want to talk about. Increasing water and fibre intake, regular movement and exercise are always beneficial for aiding the digestive process, but in pregnancy, you may be struggling to keep anything down, be craving all the wrong foods, and too exhausted to move. Reflexology can be very beneficial for improving digestion as it can help your systems to function more optimally and aid the detoxification process.

  • Water retention, bloating and swelling - This is common, particularly later in the pregnancy and can be an added discomfort. Reflexologists have developed lymphatic drainage techniques to help support patients with oedema, and these have proven effective with pregnant clients suffering from these symptoms.

  • Back and pelvic pain - This can range from discomfort to more serious conditions such as Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) or pelvic girdle pain. These can become debilitating and lead to bed rest towards the end of pregnancy. Reflexology offers nurturing treatments supporting the spine and joints and can help reduce the pain of these conditions.

  • Anxiety and Depression - Understandably pregnancy brings with it new anxieties; worry about the baby, about the birth, how you will cope with a new-born, how your finances or family dynamics will change. All of these things can be overwhelming. Pregnancy also brings about huge changes in hormones which adds to the fluctuating emotions. Many people talk about blooming and glowing in pregnancy, so when you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed and depressed you may be reluctant to talk about it. But it is very common and asking for help is an important first step. Reflexology treatments offer time to yourself, a safe space with your therapist in which you can discuss how you are feeling, and a balancing treatment which can help to relieve stress and balance your hormones.

If you are struggling with any of these issues you should always discuss with your healthcare provider during pregnancy, but Muma Nurture and reflexology can complement your treatment and support you through the issues you are facing.

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