What causes post-natal depression?

November 29, 2019


Post-natal depression is more likely to appear in women who were anxious or depressed whilst pregnant, also in those who may have had problems with their mental health before they became pregnant or even those who have had PND before.


Other things that are thought to increase the chance of PND are;


1) Experiencing physical, emotional or sexual abuse as a child, having twins or more, not having enough support from people around you especially your partner


2)Going through a very difficult life event such as an illness or death within the family and therefore feeling like you don't have enough support around you and feeling like eveything is all too much


3) Not having enough support from people around you especially your partner


Realising that you have post-natal depression and getting help may be very daunting which is why at Muma Nurture we offer different types of therapy such as hypnotherapy, reflexology and counselling, if you feel either of these may be beneficial to you why not visit our website or


For more information or to book an Initial Consultation contact Muma Nurture:


Email: contact@mumanurture.org

Phone: 01323 325558


Or book an Initial Consultation online at:




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