Grief, and how men and women may deal with it

November 28, 2019

Grief can come in so many different forms and can be expressed in so many different ways depending on the person. You may want to cry, shout, scream, or just lock yourself away from the world. I think the hardest death I have ever had to deal with was my great grandmas, because it all happened so suddenly and I never really got a chance to prepare myself for it which is why it took me such a long time to work through the grief, my initial reaction was that of crying because that's all I could really do at the time.


Upon doing research in to grief I found that men and women often grieve very differently, and different ways of dealing with grief may cause problems between a couple, but really both are hurting just as much but have different way s of coping with the pain. 


Ways women may show grief; 

1) Wanting to talk about the death of the baby with as many people and as often as possible

2) You might be more emotional, you may cry or get angry a lot

3) You may be more likely to ask friends and family for help


Ways men may show grief; 

1) He may grief by himself, and may not like talking about his loss and subsequently spend more time at work or do things away from home to keep himself occupied

2) He may feel like he is meant to be strong and protect his family from the loss, and he may not know how to show his feelings 

3) He may try to work through the grief on his own rather than ask for help .


Here at Muma Nurture we offer counselling sessions that may be beneficial for anyone going through grief as you may feel listened to and able to truly express how you are feeling in confidentiality. 


For more information or to book an Initial Consultation contact Muma Nurture:



Phone: 01323 325558


Or book an Initial Consultation online at: 

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