Birth trauma; who can it affect

Birth trauma can affect anybody, in our experience it seems that often women diagnosed with post natal depression are actually experiencing Post Traumatic Stress following birth and would be more adequately supported if treated as such.

Statistics currently show that about 30,000 women are affected by birth trauma a year. These are only those that have been diagnosed, and we'd suspect that many more women have had frightening, painful and traumatising experiences that have been dismissed as normal and natural.

Often birth trauma can makes it difficult to bond with your baby, and there can be a tendency to blame yourself for this. The failure to bond is symptomatic of trauma and not bad parenting or inadequacy on your part and the understanding of that can begin to help you resolve it.

Often successful resolution of the issues we work with is seen as a successful pregnancy and live birth, we understand this isn't always true and that isn't the end of your journey. If this sounds familiar to you, we are here to support whatever the issue, whatever the outcome.

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