Eastbourne Local Lottery

Eastbourne Local Lottery is a great way to support us as a charity, it is on every Saturday and for every £1 ticket purchased Muma Nurture receives 50p. Although 50p may not seem like much, but if everyone following our Facebook page purchased a ticket on a Saturday we would make £362.50 in one week! This would be £1450 in a month and £18850 in a year, a phenomenal amount for such a small charity that is run by volunteers and currently receives approximately £60 a month from the lottery sales.

We are volunteer managed, so our costs are kept to an absolute minimum and still it costs £300 a week to maintain the clinic, a vital part of our support services. Every little helps and we are very grateful for what we already get, more would mean less concerns about covering costs and continuing services and would be amazing!!

So why not head along to their page and grab yourself a ticket?


Thank you for all the support you have given and continue to give.

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