Common complaints in pregnancy

Backache and morning sickness are common complaints during pregnancy. Did you know that around 4 in 5 women feel sick or are sick during pregnancy?

However, physical problems aren't the only complaints, often people are unaware of how common it actually is to experience mental ill-health and emotional struggles during pregnancy.

Women can feel a lot more vulnerable and anxious during pregnancy, and for those of you that have struggled to get or stay pregnant previously the whole experience can be totally terrifying.

It is not unusual for women to feel anxious, or depressed, or like they are on emotional roller coaster they have no control over.

Therapies can be really beneficial in addressing these issues and enabling you to strengthen your support network and ability to cope. Hands on therapies such as massage and reflexology may help alleviate the more physical complaints. Counselling and hypnotherapy are really beneficial in exploring and supporting your emotional well being.

All of these therapies are offered here by qualified experienced therapists and because we know that not everybody knows as much about therapies as we do, all clients have an initial consultation first, this gives you the chance to offload where you're at and explore your options.

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