Meet a Volunteer; Viktoria & Fertility Education

Hi, my name's Viktoria and I'm one of the admin Volunteers here at Muma Nurture, I am 18 and really want to be a counsellor, so I thought it would be really helpful for me to have some experience within a therapy centre and work with counsellors. I have really learned a lot from working here and lots I had never even thought about.

I had never really thought about my own fertility in great depth until I started volunteering at Muma Nurture. From a young age, i think, we are almost conditioned to believe in this fairy-tale dream of marrying someone we really truly love and having children being the natural next step.

But nobody really raises the question of "what if?", what if things don't really go to plan, what if procreation isn't as easy as it's made out to be. Nobody even raises the point that it might not happen, or be easy, we are all just taught how not to get pregnant.

Since working here I've learned that one in eight women experienced infertility, or struggled to get pregnant for at least a year within the UK and that there are many things that can affect fertility; weight (being overweight or obese can reduce fertility but also being underweight can affect ovulation), smoking ( it can affect a woman's chance of conceiving), stress ( it can affect ones sex drive but also in more severe cases affect a woman's ovulation).

I'm now really aware of how important the support provided by Muma Nurture is. Many people struggle with fertility and don't realise there is actually help available and they are not alone. That help can be in the form of; hypnotherapy, massage, reflexology or counselling, and this amazing charity offers all of these.

I think, it's always easy to blame yourself for difficulties in life, but I think all of these therapy can help you look at the bigger picture and give you the support you need whilst doing so. You are not alone.

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