How Reflexology Helped Me

Hi I'm Siobhan, a reflexologist at Muma Nurture. I'm new to Eastbourne and have really enjoyed my first summer living by the sea.

I discovered reflexology a few years ago, when I was trying to conceive and needed something to help me relax through the process. I tried a few things from acupuncture to yoga but reflexology was the one that really helped me.

Everyone and every situation is different and choosing therapies can be a bit trial and error, so I believe it's always worth experimenting and finding what works for you.

For me, the benefits of reflexology were:

  • Just making the first appointment made me feel as though I was taking some control of a situation that felt impossible to control.

  • Seeing my therapist weekly gave me an outlet for all my thoughts and frustrations in a safe space, where I wouldn't offend or upset anyone else or myself.

  • My therapist was able to offer some practical advice for conception, including lifestyle changes for me and my partner and understanding my cycle better.

  • The physical effects of treatments were that I felt more relaxed, my sleep improved, I became more emotionally in balance and my menstrual cycles were regulated.

I had reflexology treatments weekly whilst trying to conceive, and whenever I needed support throughout my pregnancy or post-natally.

Reflexology became such a valuable treatment to me and I was intrigued by how it worked. I studied for my Level 3 Diploma at The School of Natural Therapies in London. I am now a fully insured member of the Association of Reflexologists and have undertaken further study in maternity reflexology.

When I moved to Eastbourne, I was lucky enough to find Muma Nurture charity and take on a role as a volunteer therapist here; I am looking forward to offering clients the benefits I had, whatever their journey may be.

I am available for reflexology sessions at Muma Nurture on Wednesdays, 10am - 2pm.

To book an Initial Consultation at Muma Nurture, you can use the online form:

Or for more information contact Muma Nurture by:


Phone: 01323 325558

Or for more information contact Muma Nurture by:


Phone: 01323 325558

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