Are you in Balance?

Whether you are or whether you are not, please join us for Well balanced Woman. We are looking for women of all ages and backgrounds to join us and celebrate International Women's Day on Friday 8th March.

To make this conference as fully interactive and empowering as possible, we have intentionally formulated a loose structure within which we all have a lot of choice about how we participate in the day and what we take away from it.

All workshop facilitators will be participants at others and rather than invite guest speakers in speaker slots are open to everybody. These decisions have been made with the express intention of evening the balance and removing the power divide between experts and attendees.

Join us to celebrate International Women's Day and all of our differences with kindness and unity.

This is a full day event including lunch, 2 workshops of your choice, plus the shared morning session.

As Muma Nurture is a charity we have kept ticket prices as low as possible.

In the shared morning session there will be some smaller group activities, so you can get to know the women you're sharing the day with, and we will hear each others stories. Each speaker has a 10 minute slot to share their personal story of change, struggle, growth or all of the above. This opportunity is open to every woman attending, and that includes you if you feel you would like to share,

Lunch is included within your ticket price, so you will not need to go anywhere or bring anything with you.

The afternoon consists of 2 90 minute workshops of your choice. Each of our facilitators is very experienced and especially selected for their knowledge and ability to run their workshop.

For the first session you can choose from:

Shine World Song Celebration with Brenda Bruzon

Story Making with Lucinda Weis

Yoga with Alice Veasey

Feet Talk with Nikki Lofting

Vision Boards with Karen Deane.

For the second session you can choose from:

EFT for Self Care with Kate Munden

Active Listening with (myself) Victoria Sparkes

Laughter Wellness (Yoga) with Valerie Letley

Colour Personality with Alison Brown

Nutrition with Suzie Volkes.

To finish the day we will all come back together for 1 final and short session.

You can tailor your day to suits your wants and needs, and you can also share and enjoy it with women who may be vastly different from you.

You can do some more of what you love, or learn something new, either way you will be taking a whole day for you.

If you are a therapist or other professional that requires CPD we will provide a CPD certificate.

Join us to celebrate international women's day, share fun times with other women, have a day of self-care and development, learn something new, do more of something you love, share your story, build connections, meet like-minded women, increase your CPD hours.

Whatever your reason for joining us, we would really like you there. This is the first ever Well Balanced Woman event and we need women like you (and your friends and family) to join us and make it everything it can be. Please click here to book your tickets.

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