Has losing your baby, left you feeling totally lost?

Sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down, sometimes you've totally got it (all), sometimes you feel like you've lost your mind, and any which way you don't really feel like you? You're not quite sure if you can remember who you were before, and anyway, you're pretty sure you'll never be that person again?

You are not alone, these thoughts and feelings are perfectly normal, this is grief.

It's a normal reaction, to a totally abnormal situation.

All of those things that you think you may have; anxiety, depression, bi-polar, that is your grief playing out.

The 'coping' REALLY WELL, you might find that's an avoidance of your grief if you really thought about it? And, other peoples need for you to be doing that? Well, that might say more about them and their inability to cope with your loss than anything else?

What you've been through is truly devastating and that's because it goes against the expected natural order of life. We expect to be able to have children AND for them to outlive us.