Women Empowering Women

Seems to be somewhat of a running theme for my work and life right now.

Plans for International Women's Day 2019 are coming along swimmingly, but there is still time for you to get involved if you would like, just let us know by the end of the week how it is that you'd like to be involved. We are planning to run a full day event here in Eastbourne that is open to all women, we will likely all be together in the morning and then break off for workshops and such like in the afternoon, we are looking for a range of women, with a range of backgrounds and experience to run the workshops and potentially ideas for the morning session.

Last week saw the launch of brand new charity in Hastings called Women's Rock with a fantastic Launch event on the 22nd, where I spoke about "Real Listening". It's an amazing charity who's ethos is women empowering women. I will be running an active listening course for their volunteers (and anybody else who would like to attend) in April and am really looking forward to running it. Having already attended the Women's Aid 'Ask Me' training, I'm really impressed that as well as good intention they are giving there volunteers a solid grounding from which to truly be able to hear and support the women who join their activites.

And lets be honest the basis of my day job is being a woman supporting women . . .don't get me wrong I am more than happy to work with men, it's just that we really don't see very many here at Muma Nurture, perhaps that's something that will change in the future and hopefully not as slowly as equality for women has been evolving ;) !

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