Sometimes, you just have to sit back breath, and reassess!

It can be really hard sometimes to recognise our achievements for what they really are, and much easier to let fear and doubt and self-criticism set in.

I was just sitting here pondering about how much I still had left to do this week, how much less than I hoped to achieve I had managed this week, at what point I could reasonably stop and pack up for the weekend.

Then, I started thinking about just how far I'd come. When I took on this office it was just 1 big room, now its an amazing safe and therapeutic space. Earlier than that even, this whole concept was just an idea, I never had to ACTUALLY DO anything with it, but I did!

Look at where we're at now; a fully functioning therapy centre supporting clients through complicated and potentially difficult times, building a solid team of therapists to enable that, in the process of establishing a charity to make offering our services for free a possibility, organising several fund and awareness raising events, working in conjunction with other charities, it's amazing!

In reality, it doesn't matter how much more there is to do, or how much more I need to do, time is relative and there will always be more work to do (ain't that the truth!), what matters is that I'm doing it at all and just how much I've already achieved.

That said, I won't be doing anymore this week, I've done enough for now, it will all still be here for me on Monday!

For Fun - I've attached some photos from the very beginning!!

For thought - maybe next time you're stressing about how little you have done, or how much you have to do, or something you've done wrong or however it is your mind thinks in the negative . . .you could flip the coin - there is ALWAYS 2 sides and looking at both will give you a much more balanced perspective.

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