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#emptyprampush #5.5 - The Rules​
  1. Find or make a 'pram': We know life is pretty restricted now, so essentially if it's on wheels and you can push it like a pram that's fine by us, if there's some resemblance even better, extra points for effort!
  2. Wear Orange: Something, anything, it really doesn't matter if you are orange from head to toe or just wearing an orange hair tie. If you have one of our t-shirts fantastic, if not make do with what you have or make something. You can always make your own Muma Nurture outfit by using our transfers if you like? You can find them at the bottom of the page.
  3. Push your pram 5.5km: However you can manage it. If you want to and are able to go out and do one long walk, brilliant, the original walk we had planned was from Harbour Reach to Holywell along Eastbourne Seafront, which is exactly 5.5km. If not, however you can manage it, maybe set up a 10m run in your home or garden and do as many as you can when you can, or do 1.1km a day as your daily exercise for 5 days? Absolutely, however, wherever, whenever it suits you over how ever long it takes. All challenges should be completed within the 5.5 weeks given.
  4. Share your pics/vids with us on Social Media: We would like it if you could document your journey, preferably with pictures and videos, and share them with us on social media, if you can share the poster above and the #emptyprampush #5.5 #mumanurture on your post, even better. There is also a facebook frame if you'd like to add it to your profile picture search for 'Muma Nurture #emptyprampush'. This just means we can raise more awareness of just how many people struggle with the issues we support and how necessary our work is. If you don't have social media you are still more than welcome to join in the challenge, maybe you could send your pictures to us and we could share them for you? 
  5. Nominate 5.5 friends to join in: You know how this works if you've taken part in any of the social media challenges before, you do your bit and then post your evidence with your nominations. If you don't have social media again maybe we can do this bit for you, or just do it in person and send us the pics. We're asking for 5.5 because that is the number of the challenge. 1 = adult, 0.5 = child. We have included children as we know many of our supporters have them and they like to join in, we understand they won't have social media, maybe their parents, or grandparents, or we can do that for them? Any combination of adults and children to make up 5.5. If you don't have 5.5 nominations to make just nominate who you can.​​
             5.5. Donate or fundraise if you choose: There is no sign up fee and no requirement for                                        sponsorship, this for fun and to help us raise awareness of just how many people are                                  impacted by the issues we work with. COVID-19 has made an already difficult time worse for                      our clients. Pregnancy has been categorised as high risk. Fertility treatments have been                              abondoned, cancelled and postponed. Medical appointments for infertility, pregnancy and                            postnatal care are happening remotely, less frequently and or alone. Isolation, fear and                                change can trigger or exacerbate mental health issues. Given the increased need we are                            doing all we can to support our clients old and new with sessions online, until we can return                        to our clinics. Any and all help to enable us to do this now and into the future will as always                          be greatly appreciated. You can either make a donation or set up your own fundraising page.