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Our therapies and groups are to support you through your journey to becoming a parent (or not). Whatever your struggle, whatever the outcome, we don't promise to fix anything for you, but we do promise to understand and support you through it.

When you work with us, your therapy plan is all about you and your needs, as it should be. We won't promise that you'll get pregnant, have a positive pregnancy, a beautiful birth, or always feel like a perfect parent, only to leave you feeling like a failure if that doesn't happen. We will work with you where you are at to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

We have a team of qualified experienced therapists offering specialist counselling and other therapies.

Initial Consultation










The first step is always an initial consultation, a 45 minute appointment for you to speak about where you are at and what you need, and find out more about what it is we could do for you. From there, you decide how you'd like to move forward.


Where possible we always try and book an initial consultation within 1 week of 1st contact and further therapies as soon as a decision has been made and we have availability.


All initial consultations are currently online via Zoom with a qualified counsellor. To book email your completed form.

Online Community

For all the most up to date information and events, please join our online community the "Muma Nurturers" 



We support infertility, pregnancy (perinatal mental health), and baby loss (perinatal death) through counselling, holistic therapies and support groups. The range of therapies we provide is much reduced following the outbreak of the covid pandemic, but we can now support people from a wider geographical area as we continue to provide counselling and support groups online. We have also now started to trial some mobile appointments for fertility and pregnancy reflexology in the Eastbourne area.

Support Group

We have a structured 6 week support program that addresses the

main issues our clients have told us they face when struggling

with these issues; positive emotional well-being, coping

mechanisms, stress, anger, grief, relationships. Another key

struggle our clients tell us they face is isolation, in that they feel

different from and misunderstood by their friends and family,

attending a group together allows you to share your experience

with others who are feeling the same and potentially make new friends that you do feel supported and understood by.

Community Group

We run a community group once a month for those that  want less formal support from us and human contact with others from the Muma Nurture community "Muma Nurturers". Each of these has a focus around a particular form of self care, please join our online community to find our more.


Whether you are just thinking about trying, have been trying to conceive for a while, struggling to conceive, undergoing medical testing, having fertility treatment or planning it, we can help. 

Fertility Therapies:
  • Counselling

  • Fertility Reflexology

  • Fertility Hypnotherapy


Whether you are pregnant and looking for treatments for continuing self care, or to alleviate some discomfort, or improve your mental health and emotional well-being, we can support you. Our pregnant clients often say they feel like you should be the happiest lady alive, but are actually terrified, and they come to us as we're the only place that understands and accepts that! 

Pregnancy Therapies:
  • Counselling 

  • Pregnancy Reflexology

  • Pregnancy Hypnotherapy

Baby Loss

It's unfortunate and sad, but not all pregnancies end with healthy babies, whatever the reason, as an expectant parent you are left with a hangover of unresolved emotions. Loss can be overwhelming and your reactions can often be misunderstood or misdiagnosed. We can help you manage this and move forward with your life with our specialist counselling. 

Baby Loss Counselling includes:
  • Pregnancy Loss

  • Miscarriage (early or late)

  • Termination (for medical or personal reasons)

  • Still Birth

  • Baby Loss

  • Unsuccessful fertility treatment

  • Pregnancy related fears and concerns

  • Historic pregnancy and baby loss

Post Natal Depression

Being a new parent is a big change, whether it's your first child or you've added another to your brood, the experience can be overwhelming and your reactions can often be misunderstood or misdiagnosed. Sometimes, you will be diagnosed with post natal depression, sometimes you are just left feeling something's not right or you are not coping. We can help you manage this and move forward with your life with our specialist counselling. We publish daily blogs and Friday's focus is Post Natal Depression, please read these for all of our most relevant information.

Post Natal Depression Counselling includes:
  • Post Natal Depression

  • Birth Trauma

  • Attachment and bonding issues

  • Complicated Grief Issues

  • Historic pregnancy and baby loss

  • Unresolved issues from your own parenting or childhood

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