How to help and participate in our charity

There are many ways to help us out as a charity whether that be through; Our Just Giving Page- A n online platform that allows you to donate money to any given charity or cause of your choice, our charity being one of them. The importance of Muma Nurture stems from the little knowledge and help out there for those going through difficulties; whether that be to do with infertility, pregnancy or related loss, our charity offers counselling, holistic therapies, support groups and drop in services for this; The Eastbourne Lottery; The Eastbourne Local Lottery is on every Saturday and for every £1 ticket that you purchase our charity gets 50p, each ticket h

#EmptyPramPush #5.5 #MumaNurture

Today is 5.5 weeks until our #emptyprampush was planned. A walk of 5.5km from Harbour Reach to Holywell pushing empty prams and raising sponsorship and awareness of Muma Nurture. The empty prams because some of our clients do not have the baby they want so much and for others motherhood is emptier than expected. 5.5km because 1/7 couples struggle with infertility 1/5 pregnancies end in Baby Loss 1/5 suffer with perinatal mental health ( during or after pregnancy) 5.5/10 struggle with Infertility, Babyloss and Perinatal Mental Health and need Muma Nurture's support Instead, we are urging as many people as possible to take part in our online challenge and help us raise awareness of just how ma

Suffering in isolation; postnatal depression in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic

On the NHS website, we find out that 1 in 10 women experience Postnatal Depression - PND - within a year of giving birth and that it can also affect fathers and partners. Suffering from Postnatal depression (PND) is often a very lonely experience - even without the government-imposed isolation that we are in the midst of at the moment - and seeing friends and family may be what you need right now - so not being allowed to do so may feel very difficult. This is a strange and frightening time to be isolated at the same time as suffering from depression, but we want you to know that you are not alone. We here at Muma Nurture understand and we want to help! At the moment when we are constantly h

Grieving in isolation; baby loss during the COVID-19 pandemic

Speaking to women who have lost children - babies, infants, adolescents - I often hear how after an amount of time had passed since the death, they felt that certain friends and family members thought they should be moving on by now. For the mothers and fathers however, it felt as if their child had only just died - their devastating pain was as raw as ever and they needed every single ounce of help, just to get up in the mornings. I remember one man, someone very dear to me, who had just lost a baby boy at birth, saying that, had he and his wife not had their first-born that still needed looking after, they would never had got up, ever again. Of course, true friends will be 'there' for us,

Eastbourne Local Lottery

With times being tough and uncertain at the moment for everyone I have found that turning to things that bring a little bit of joy in to my life even if it is short term can be very helpful, I have always enjoyed participating in lotteries, the uncertainty but chance of winning something is exciting, and to be able to do this whilst helping out a charity is great! The Eastbourne Local Lottery is on every Saturday and for every £1 ticket that you purchase our charity gets 50p, each ticket has a 1 in 50 chance of winning a prize every week, with the top prize being £25,000, it is a fun way of helping out local charities such as ourselves, given current circumstances having fun and doing things

Coping with postnatal depression during isolation

Suffering from Postnatal depression (PND) is often a very lonely experience. Indeed, what often triggers depressive feelings when we have a tiny baby who is totally reliant on us, is the feeling of being the only one in the world NOT loving the situation, NOT feeling blessed, NOT enjoying breast-feeding, NOT losing the baby weight...Feeling like we are the 'only' one, i.e. alone, in our world brings about feelings of loneliness. Seeing friends and family may be what you need right now, so not being allowed to do so may feel very punishing. This is a strange and distressing time to be isolated and suffering from depression - this isolation can make feelings of loneliness much more intense - b

Coping with baby loss during isolation

Having lost a baby can be one of the loneliest experiences you'll ever go through and seeing friends and family may be what you need right now. Therefore, not being allowed to do so may feel very punishing. This is a strange and distressing time to be isolated and mourning the loss of your baby - isolation can make feelings of loneliness and grief much more intense - but we want you to know that you are not alone; we here at Muma Nurture are here to help you. For some of us, seeing people might be the last thing we want to do and this imposed isolation may even seem like a blessing...I would suggest isolation in any shape can have very detrimental effects. Historically, humans, because of ne

Maternal Mental Health Awareness

This week is Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week, a campaign dedicated to talking about mental illness during and after pregnancy. The theme this year is supporting women during difficult times. The event is run by the Maternal Mental Health Alliance and they bring together a wealth of information in order to support women during this period of their life. Pregnancy will cause most women to feel some level of anxiety, uncertainty and often loneliness. Understandably pregnancy brings with it new anxieties; worry about the baby, about the birth, how you will cope with a new-born, how your finances or family dynamics will change. All of these things can be overwhelming. Pregnancy also brin

Amazon Smile

I find myself shopping online a lot, there's something about the simplicity of purchasing anything your heart desires at the click of a button that really works for me especially now that going out isn't an option, with all that is going on at the moment I find treating myself now and again to some new gadgets to be really helpful, something to look forward to i guess, and what better website to do that on than Amazon? Especially since i can be giving back at the same time. Amazon Smile is very easy to join, and when you make any purchases on amazon they give us 0.5% to our charity which means in the grander scheme of things this could equate to a lot of money, money which could go toward

Fertility Clinics set to re-open across the UK

When it was announced that fertility clinics would close on 15 April due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people due to start or in the process of fertility treatment were left stranded. It was clear to see why such strict regulations had been introduced across all areas of society; it was the most prudent approach in order to best protect the public and the health services. But that didn't make it any easier to deal with if you were personally effected in this way. To be told that your fertility treatment was a non-essential procedure would have been unbelievably painful to hear for so many. Infertility is not a choice and to be made to feel that your treatments aren't important can feel lik

PND in the time of COVID-19 and isolation

Having spent the last five weeks in lockdown - with those among us who are well only going out for the essentials, like food or health care - many of us are feeling very lonely and confused at the moment. The added worry about the main culprit in all of this, COVID-19 - catching the Corona virus ourselves or for one of our dear ones to catch it - is understandably also a great anxiety trigger for so many people. The ideal first year as a parent isn't always all that it's made out to be - or how we'd expect and like it to be. Having a baby can bring euphoria to our life, but for some people it's quite the opposite, leading to depression. Most new mums experience feelings of sadness and worry

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