Christmas Social Event

At Muma Nurture we understand that Christmas can be a very difficult time of the year those who have or are struggling with fertility, pregnancy and or related loss. Next wednesday 18th December 7-9pm, we are hosting a Christmas social event for client's past, present and future, volunteers, supporters and anyone else who would like to attend. Please join us for buffet and refreshments. The event will be very informal and you will be able to socialise, or not, as you choose, and our 2 resident counsellors Victoria and Lucinda will be there should you need any additional support. We know it can be comforting and helpful to know that you are not alone and be surrounded by people who know what

Being supportive after Baby Loss

Knowing what to say or do when someone close to you has lost a baby can be very hard. Maybe that's because if you haven't been through it yourself you don't know how they feel, and maybe it's because if you have also experienced baby loss it brings up some difficult emotions for you? It can be really helpful to remember we are all human and have our own way of managing the world. What is helpful for one person is not necessarily for another and what works for you won't necessarily for them. To truly try and understand how another person feels, you must try and put yourself in their shoes, rather than assume you understand because you were part of the same experience or something similar pre

Win a car raffle

This Christmas we have been chosen to participate in the win a car raffle at the Beacon, we are one of 48 charities who will benefit from the "Win a Car Raffle" this year. There's one lucky ticket and if you buy the winner, you will win a Red Suzuki Ignis Dual Jet Car with a worth of nearly £12000. We will be selling tickets in the Beacon on Monday the 16th and all ticket sales on that day will be donated to us to help us continue our vital charity work into 2020 supporting those affected by fertility, pregnancy and related loss. If you are unable to make it to the beacon on Monday 16th December, and would like to buy your ticket in support of Muma Nurture, please make your payment by bacs i

Smoking and how it affects fertility

We all know how unhealthy smoking is for us, yet often we turn to cigarettes in an attempt to de-stress, especially when we are going through something as stressful as trying to conceive, but smoking can have more of a bad effect than we think. Smoking can have an effect on quite a few things when it comes to fertility and the stages of the reproduction process, for example; 1) The genetic material of both eggs and sperm 2) The hormone production for both men and women 3) A fertilised egg's chances of reaching the uterus 4) The environment inside the uterus For men smoking could mean having problems with getting and keeping erections, it could cause DNA damage within the sperm which could la

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