Post Natal Depression; who gets it and why?

Post Natal Depression (PND) is, as suggested by the name, a depressive illness affecting 10-15% of women after having a baby. Symptoms are similar to those in diagnosed depression, and include low mood and other struggles with functioning lasting at least two weeks. Depending on the severity, you may struggle to look after yourself and your baby, and or find simple tasks difficult. Sometimes there is an obvious reason for PND, but not always. Some of the more obvious reasons are; a particularly difficult or traumatic birth, previous physical, emotional or sexual abuse, multiple births, previous difficult births, lack of support, difficult life events such as an illness or death of a close

Baby loss and grief; we all deal with it differently

Grief can come in so many different forms and can be expressed in so many different ways depending on the person. You may want to cry, shout, scream, or just lock yourself away from the world. I think the hardest deaths are those that are unexpected and seem unfair. Men and women often grieve very differently, and different ways of dealing with the same grief can cause problems between a couple, rather than solidarity and understanding as you may have expected. It may be that women; want to talk about the baby with as many people and as often as possible, be more emotional, cry or get angry a lot, are more likely to ask friends and family for help. Possibly men; grieve by themselves, don't l

Eastbourne Local Lottery

Eastbourne Local Lottery is a great way to support us as a charity, it is on every Saturday and for every £1 ticket purchased Muma Nurture receives 50p. Although 50p may not seem like much, but if everyone following our Facebook page purchased a ticket on a Saturday we would make £362.50 in one week! This would be £1450 in a month and £18850 in a year, a phenomenal amount for such a small charity that is run by volunteers and currently receives approximately £60 a month from the lottery sales. We are volunteer managed, so our costs are kept to an absolute minimum and still it costs £300 a week to maintain the clinic, a vital part of our support services. Every little helps and we are very

Weight and fertility

An unhealthy weight can cause hormonal imbalance in women, which can lead to problems with ovulation and the likelihood of falling pregnant, whether she is under or overweight. Being overweight can also reduce a mans fertility through hormone problems, erectile dysfunction and other obesity related health conditions. Being a healthy weight and maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime can drastically improve health and well being both physically and emotionally and therefore increase the likelihood of getting and staying pregnant. Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have and this cannot be changed or improved by lifestyle changes. Men however, are lucky enough to keep genera

Birth trauma; who can it affect

Birth trauma can affect anybody, in our experience it seems that often women diagnosed with post natal depression are actually experiencing Post Traumatic Stress following birth and would be more adequately supported if treated as such. Statistics currently show that about 30,000 women are affected by birth trauma a year. These are only those that have been diagnosed, and we'd suspect that many more women have had frightening, painful and traumatising experiences that have been dismissed as normal and natural. Often birth trauma can makes it difficult to bond with your baby, and there can be a tendency to blame yourself for this. The failure to bond is symptomatic of trauma and not bad paren

Christmas Client Social

Christmas can be a really difficult time for those of us that were expecting it to be different. Often, although peddled as a happy family time it can be a very poignant and emotional time of great reflection. Here at Muma Nurture we understand that, we also understand how daunting it can be to manage that knowing that we will be closed for 3 weeks and you can't access our support either. So, for one night only we will open our doors to all of our clients past, current and future, so you can come together and spend some Christmas sociable time with others who understand how you are feeling. Our counsellors Victoria and Lucinda will be there to facilitate for those of you that have concerns a

Common complaints in pregnancy

Backache and morning sickness are common complaints during pregnancy. Did you know that around 4 in 5 women feel sick or are sick during pregnancy? However, physical problems aren't the only complaints, often people are unaware of how common it actually is to experience mental ill-health and emotional struggles during pregnancy. Women can feel a lot more vulnerable and anxious during pregnancy, and for those of you that have struggled to get or stay pregnant previously the whole experience can be totally terrifying. It is not unusual for women to feel anxious, or depressed, or like they are on emotional roller coaster they have no control over. Therapies can be really beneficial in addressin

Charity Tuesday

I can't believe Christmas is a little over a month away, can you? I mean where has the time gone...we as a charity have been extremely busy this year organising fundraising events, attending to clients etc. But we could still really use your help and Amazon Smile is a perfect way to support us a charity. So it's getting closer and closer to Christmas and you've started looking for and investing in presents for family and freinds etc, you're on Amazon and remember seeing this blog post about Amazon Smile and the simplicity of just signing up to it and amazon donating 0.5% of purchases to us. Essentially when looking at the bigger picture, you shopping can allow us to keep our charity running

Meet a Volunteer; Viktoria & Fertility Education

Hi, my name's Viktoria and I'm one of the admin Volunteers here at Muma Nurture, I am 18 and really want to be a counsellor, so I thought it would be really helpful for me to have some experience within a therapy centre and work with counsellors. I have really learned a lot from working here and lots I had never even thought about. I had never really thought about my own fertility in great depth until I started volunteering at Muma Nurture. From a young age, i think, we are almost conditioned to believe in this fairy-tale dream of marrying someone we really truly love and having children being the natural next step. But nobody really raises the question of "what if?", what if things don't re

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