Stress and male fertility.

Stress can inhibit male fertility in various ways, reducing sperm health and quality, and sperm problems are the main cause of male infertility. Steroid hormones may be activated by stress resulting in lower levels of sperm production, and work stress is thought to cause lower levels of testosterone in the sperm which affects the sperm health. Research has shown that two or more stressful life events in a year can result in a lower percentage of sperm movement (motility) and lower percentage of sperm of normal shape (morphology). Stress may result from not conceiving, having fertility tests or fertility treatments, and stress can lead to behaviours such as smoking or drinking that are unhelp

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy uses a naturally occurring state of inner focus that you can experience several times a day. For example you may become so deeply focused when you are watching a film that you don't hear a knock at the door, or you make a car journey that you can't remember parts of. During hypnotherapy you are guided into a state of inner focus and deep relaxation, which allows suggestions for positive behaviour changes to be made to the unconscious part of your mind. However you will be in control and aware throughout the process, and you cannot be hypnotised if you don't want to be. Hypnotherapy can give you back control over the choices you make and be very effective if you are committed to

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