Muma Nurture is here to support you on your path to parenthood (or not), whatever that may be, wherever it may take you.

We offer a safe, calm and confidential space where you can come along for therapies, join our community group, or just pop in for a chat, a product or some peace.

There is no judgement or expectation here, we will accept you exactly as you are and where you're at and accept you make decisions about you and how to move forward.

All of our therapists are fully qualified and experienced and all of our volunteer team are trained in active listening plus the specific issues we work with to ensure the best possible support for you, from point of contact and through out your time with us.

If you want information or to understand your options, please do ask, we love what we do and know a lot about it and that could be really helpful for you.

We totally understand that therapies, infertility, pregnancy, baby loss,and post natal depression they are our areas of expertise not necessarily yours and we don't want you to feel overwhelmed. Therefore we think the best place to start is an initial consultation; you can tell us all about you and what brought you here, we can explain various options and then you can decide what you want to do next.

You initial consultation can be taken individually or as a couple. Often couples have very different needs and therefore have separate appointments thereafter, but again this is entirely up to you.


To book an Initial Consultation, please complete the contact box below or contact us on WhatsApp 07460775495.

Please note that currently all services and contact is available online only.

Our Team
History & Mission

Muma Nurture was opened in September 2017 by Victoria Sparkes, a multi-disciplinary therapist with over 10 years experience and a very deep personal and professional understanding of fertility issues and baby loss.

It was opened as a business, and within months it became apparent that whilst there was a demand for our services, not everybody that wanted or needed them could afford them.

Victoria never turned anyone away and never would, she firmly believes that everybody is entitled to good quality therapeutic support in their time of need.  Prices are fair and based on our costs and the level of experience our therapists have, so any reduction has to be subsidised. Now all clients are invited to make donations of whatever they can afford.

In early 2018, we started forming a board of trustees and an application was submitted to the Charity Commission, and on 5th October 2018 we were officially granted charitable status. 

Our Mission as a charity is to provide good quality therapeutic support to those affected by infertility, pregnancy and perinatal death relevant to their need rather than financial capability and to compile relevant information on the impact of these experiences and needs of those affected that can be used to improve future service provision.

 As a small charity we are heavily reliant on fundraising and support, in order to continue our services, your support is always appreciated and information about ways in which you can help can be found on the supporters page of the website.

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Both Clinics are currently closed due to COVID-19.

All services available online.

Victoria Sparkes

Our Founder, a very experienced Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Reflexologist and Massage Therapist with profound personal and professional knowledge and experience of fertility issues and baby loss. Victoria is our resident counsellor and carries out all initial consultations as she has the broadest knowledge of the services we offer and how we could best support you. Appointments with Victoria are available 10am-2pm Tuesday and 2-6pm Wednesday and Thursday.

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